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Divorce Financial Resolution

Discover Positive Ways To Achieve Your Financial Goals In Divorce

The legal aspect of divorce does not focus on the emotional issues associated with the process. Aside from issues related to children, the majority of divorce litigation revolves around financial matters, which means maintaining your focus with the help of an experienced Certified Public Accountant can save you both time and money.

Ensuring You Receive A Fair Settlement

Linda Forman, a Certified Public Accountant with over 3 decades of experience, can make sure you receive the results you deserve. Specializing specifically in divorce cases, Ms. Forman supports reasonable settlements and advocates for her clients’ best interests throughout the process. She does not encourage client to accept unfair settlements for the sake of a speedy divorce, nor does she advise using money as a negative force to hurt the other party.

Ms. Forman has practiced financial and tax guidance, retirement planning and ERISA issues, litigation support, and other areas of accounting in the Chicago area for over 30 years. Her expert advice:

“Don’t use money as a weapon in divorce; it costs you in the end. And don’t give in to pressure—the last one who blinks wins.”

What Distinguishes Linda Forman From Most Matrimonial Accountants?

  • A wide range of experience and knowledge
  • The breadth of large CPA firm experience without the overhead costs
  • Experienced in every financial aspect of divorce
  • Blending empathy with practical skills
  • Dedicated to reaching satisfying settlements

Bringing A Personal Perspective To Divorce Issues

With a genuine understanding of her clients’ emotional states from having experienced divorce personally, Ms. Forman can help you begin life as comfortably as possible after divorce. Her main goal is to foster an assets/liabilities situation that works for both parties in the divorce. She will help you understand the financial issues affecting your divorce outcome so you can realize that smart resolutions do exist and your future can be secure.

“I’ve turned doubtful situations into successes, such as people keeping home and property they though they’d have to give up.”

Contact Linda Forman, CPA, today to find out how she can help you reach your financial goals in divorce and make the process as comfortable as possible for you.